About Us

Ceramics in Europe is a platform which enables creative ceramists to learn skills, share ideas and aspire to be entrepreneurs. This platform is an output from the Interreg Central Europe project called CerDee (Creative entrepreneurship in ceramic regions – developing, education, encouraging).

Our Vision

A digital world which expands the potential of European ceramic. Digital experience, virtual archives, 3D models, engaging tutorials.

Our Mission

We build a unique network amongst ceramists, knowledge institutes, SMEs, regions, and museums of Europe.

Our Values

Innovative contemporary design ideas. Acquaintance giving each ceramist a platform to launch their dream.

How the platform started

This platform began as a project to revive and expand the potential of Ceramists in Europe. Eight competent partner institutes from the central European region came together under EU-Interreg funded project CerDee to establish this innovative world for the ceramists. Archiving traditional and contemporary designs of ceramic and creative methods for transnational pooling of accessible Central European ceramic design & art approaches.
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