Core Marketing Strategies

Own studio/shop

Make your shop to a centre of interest:

Obtaining regional visibility External perception

If your shop is designed in a modern way, the customer also assume that the offered products are modern, too.

Create attention! Your shop should stand out! Use colours, which suits to your shop and offers products. If possible, place an eye-catcher on the outside of your shop. Potential customers could be inspired to enter your shop!

Regional visibility: signs, flags, illuminated advertising:

A sign with a hint, that your shop is nearby or that the entrance is

straightforward. Use also colours which will draw the attention to the focus.

The text should be very short. You can also use an eye-catching product of your product line.

Car with sticker Description

Sticking your own cars is a simple and effective form of permanent advertising.


  • Simple and effective long-term advertising with low costs


Low – Medium – High

Vehicle advertisement:

If you have a car, which you use daily, it would be worth to foliate it.

On the vehicle should state:


Name and contact opportunities

Picture of your product

Own business cards with pictures:

People are better remembered with pictures!

On your business card should be printed:

  • Company name and logo

  • Last and first name

  • Address (address of the shop)

  • Telephone number Important!

  • E-mail address

  • Website contact details

  • Social networks

  • Picture/s

  • Short overview about the product range

On your visit card there should be a picture of your products!

Writing paper, invoices etc.:

The company colours, the font, the logo or especially the design of the company should be used in all media and publications at all time. Use it always in the same form, colour, position and size.

Consider the following:

  • Layout: clearly wording, pleasant, consistently

  • Logo: mandatory!

  • Wording: friendly, heartily, clear statements

  • Personality: your documents may display your personality

Structure your invoices clearly. Important data must be on the invoice like date, invoice number, bank account information, tax number, etc.

Please consider: In each country exist different requirements!

E-mail Marketing:

You sold a product recently and sent out an order confirmation via mail use this action to advertise for special events, like discount campaigns, special offers for Christmas, markets, open door days etc.

This is low effort for customer care/customer acquisition. Generate a monthly e-mail newsletter to all existing customers for example to “what is new in your product range”.

Newsletter per E-mail:

You are planning to release a new product or design? Or you would like to advise something to your customer base? Write a newsletter! You can define by yourself, how often you will send it out. It may be good to send it monthly, quarterly- or half-a-year. Not too often! You could scare your customers off, if you overload them. Write some nicely words in it and make some advertisement for your products, make a link to your website and your online-shop. To be able to send out a newsletter, it would be best to have a customer database with e-mail addresses. (Read below create a „Customer database “)

Create a customer database:

Store addresses, e-mail addresses and notes for example birthdays to send out birthday wishes or newsletter programs to your existing customers. Request for customer’s satisfaction after an order. Stay present and remain in discussions with each other. You can create a customer database with Excel or Access or you can use a special software, which you may have to buy, you can provide excellent customer care.

SEO (Search engine optimalization)


Quality SEO can get a website to a higher position in search results. The goal is to attract visitors (potential customers) to the website and gradually increase the number of such visits. SEO is not charged by search engines. Working on SEO mainly includes understanding website users, analyzing keywords, improving the website in terms of content and technology, and obtaining natural backlinks.


  • With the right SEO settings, the website ranks in the top positions in search engines, thus increasing the chance of clicking and browsing the website / offer

  • SEO is free


  • Challenging setting the right keywords

  • Relatively long onset of effect


For free


SEO is “For free”, but setup costs money

WOM (word of mouth)


A traditional and centuries-proven marketing tool is whispering or recommendations from those who have personal experience with the product.

In today’s world of social networking and online, WOM is also spreading online through solicited and unsolicited reviews. These can be positive, but also negative. Therefore, it is necessary to pay increased attention to customer care, which will also deal with possible dissatisfaction, which it is trying to turn into positive.


  • A very effective tool with zero costs


  • Faster dissemination of negative experiences


For free

Social responsibility projects


Projects combining a product with a non-profit theme, usable throughout society, civic and media interesting. The results are visible after systematic work and a long time, but they are permanent.


  • Great communication benefit


  • Long time run