Entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular field, especially in modern times like this. Entrepreneurship Education course is designed to give the user an overall concept of Entrepreneurship for the Creatives. This course is designed to give the user an overall concept of Entrepreneurship Education for the Creatives. Through each chapter, users will unfold the necessary steps and processes users will need to think and act like Entrepreneurs.

This 10 units/chapters course is a self-learning course that can be stopped and started at any time. There are in total 89 steps to finish this course. It consists of 18 assignments, 9 quizzes and presentations in this 10 units/chapter course. All main presentations of the Units and Quizzes are mandatory to “mark complete” to attain the Completion certificate. All supporting materials are there to emphasize the learning and to give users more detailed knowledge of the unit topic. It shall support and encourage users to sharpen their knowledge about entrepreneurship and to adapt to new challenges and trends. All assignments and supporting materials can be downloaded and printed for later uses.

Each chapter is provided with videos, quizzes, and assignments for users better understanding. Accordingly, the title of each unit/chapter is Background of the Course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Person of the Entrepreneurship, Idea Development, Market and Competition, Business Model, Marketing and Finance Management, Business Plan, Business Pitch and Future Scope.

This course can be found in the E-Learning toolbar. To start the course, click the Unit 1_Background of the Course under the Course Content and users will be directed to the new page. A short introduction about the aim and scope, the structure of the online course, learning method as well as the expected results from the participants are explained in this chapter. Acknowledging that there are different understandings regarding entrepreneurship, the next chapters share knowledge and information about the definition of entrepreneurship and other entrepreneurship and business-related topics. The course ends with explaining the purpose of project CerDee and about supporting organisations for ceramic entrepreneurs. To see the chapter contents of one unit/chapter, simply click the item Expand on the right side of the unit on the previous page. The titles of the chapter contents will be shown in the list from the drop-down menu.

Presentations, assignments and quizzes on entrepreneurship education for ceramists give users realistic business experience and study cases. By finishing this course successfully, users are expected to identify and establish a strategic planning process for future or current businesses. Not only that, other positive aspects that can be gained through this course are avoiding common pitfalls and failure when doing or starting a business, constructing ideas more effectively, and giving the confidence to become entrepreneurs.

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