Marketing Tools

Marketing plays a significant part in contributing to the success of the business and the economy. The centre of marketing is the process of acquiring and retaining customers. To attract customers, marketing tools are used by businesses to promote their products and services. With the massive and rapid digital developments, businesses are required to be able to adapt their marketing techniques, strategies, and material to this fast-changing world. It is also important to decide which tools are needed to achieve the primary goals and objectives of the business. Needless to say, using multiple marketing tools at the same time is sometimes necessary to boost sales or to gather market data. Therefore, Ceramics in Europe is dedicated to sharing the marketing knowledge on how to create, improve and promote the products.

In the Marketing Tools toolbar, strategically selected marketing knowledge for the ceramist to help gain knowledge about Social Media, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Collaboration is presented here. To go to one of the Marketing Tolls, hover the Pegman to the desired topic and click on the element. It will direct you to a new page that describes the topic in more detail.

The first element is Social Media marketing. It is a commonly used B2B “business-to-business” and B2C “business-to-consumer” marketing strategy. Social media marketing focuses on providing potential buyers with content they find valuable and want to share across their social networks and it is a part of online marketing. To effectively use social media as a marketing tool, regular sharing of content such as videos, images, and texts are needed to increase visibility, traffic and relevancy in search results within social media networks as well as search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Social media is relatively more effective in minimizing marketing expenses compared to traditional marketing where physical presents and materials are often needed.

Similar to social media marketing, online marketing relies on internet or online-based digital technologies. Online marketing covers a wider range of marketing parts compared to only social media and traditional marketing. Online marketing
can boost brain awareness by establishing its online existence across the internet platform such as E-Commerce, website,
online newspapers, affiliate marketing and E-mail.

Thirdly, Collaboration unlocks other possibilities for the brands or products to thrive. It can be done by teaming up with other businesses or organizations that are aligned with the business plan and have a similar target group to share social media posts, launch a co-branded product, or sponsor an event together. In the end, it is a mutual benefit.

Lastly, the fourth element is Direct Marketing, a type of marketing that implies communicating information on a product or brand directly to customers, it can be through mail, email, social media, phone calls, text messages, website, events, or booths. The core of direct marketing is to not depend on a third party.

Overall, Marketing tools that are used effectively can improve customers engagement, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. All of this information can be found in one of the modules at Ceramics in Europe.

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