Online Marketing


If you just want to say where your business is and how to get in contact with you or you just want to say where is your local shop, it would be sufficient to have a one-pager website:

A One-Pager website you can set-up really fast and free of charge (or to a low budget). Be sure that you use a provider, which is specialised to a One-Pager website.


You can have a “bigger” website with:

  • A homepage: Start picture, logo etc.

  • Your product range

  • About page with your personal information and your vita

  • Market site: which markets you are going to visit

  • Course offer: if you offer ceramic courses

  • Blog page: if you are going to write more about your work and would like that the customers can look behind the scenes


If you almost or only sell your products via an online-shop, you should lead your focus on your website on your online-shop. The online-shop should be a part of your homepage or even there should be a link on your homepage to the online-shop. The whole website need to be focused on the online-shop. If you are selling also on other sale platforms, you should mention and link it.