Virtual Gallery

The Gallery provides users with the opportunity to see the previous works from ceramists and institutions. Browsing through Gallery can give users an interactive experience that can take many forms. It serves the purpose of a connection between people and creators.

In the gallery, digitized photos and videos of hundreds of digitized ceramic objects from all over Europe with information on methods and techniques are shown here. All photos and videos are displayed in arrangements, where users can select the available categories to their liking that suits their interests, tastes, wishes, or preferences. Users are able to browse through all the objects at once as well as select only one object to be displayed. Photo and videos are stored in the different places under this toolbar.

To be able to go to Video Gallery and Virtual Gallery, hover the cursor to Gallery and both options will appear on the list at the drop-down menu. Videos that are here are made by ceramists and institutes. Ceramists and institutes are the contributors to the video content found on this website.

To search for a specific video, users can type the keywords that they are looking for in the search box under the toolbars. Otherwise, there are two categories, Main Categories and Forming Techniques, that are available in the sidebar menu on the left side to help users filter the videos. Ten sub-categories are available under the Main Categories, which are Artist/Designers, Clay Body Preparation, Decoration Techniques, Glazing Techniques, Firing, Mould Making, Experimental Techniques, Equipment, Ceramics Past and Present, and Exhibitions. Under the second category that is Forming Techniques, users can use the filter function to search for videos based on Throwing, Slipcasting, Hand Building, 3D Printing, and Other. These filter functions and categorizations allow users to navigate easily through the videos based on their classification or concepts.

Users can enjoy the photo collections of artworks from ceramists and institutions that are digitally displayed in the Virtual Gallery. The same step instructed for Video Gallery can be done to find a specific picture in Virtual Gallery. Simply type and search the keywords in the search box and the results will display the photos based on the search term. Six categories are listed in the sidebar menu on the left side, it provides users
to filter the artworks based on Artists/Designers, Manufactures/Workshop, Time Periods, Material, Forming Technique, and Decorating Technique. When clicking one of the objects, detailed information including name and description or story about the object is presented alongside other relevant photos of the object.

Video Gallery and Virtual Gallery allow users to not only see but also learn and get inspiration from the artworks displayed in these functions regardless of location and geographical boundaries. Moreover, users are able to browse through the objects and information that they find interesting, at a pace that meets their needs with the hope that it can make people more receptive to learning about ceramics. 

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